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cement. on the so to build closer in the radius to leave that should be the children's church in new delhi who took. eighty who took three collections remove the clothes of the maidens motown's believe that paul was a married to medicine shift he was punished as a precocious chemist. france's military spending on foreign operations spirals out of control as the government's accused of not stomping out for people's needs back home. the ends that may not justify the means the u.s. methods in the war on terror including charges of torture and overseas prisons again face criticism following the killing of osama bin laden. the world's most successful rocket russia's soyuz given the green light for a summer blast off from a european space for.
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ten am in moscow i match president good to have you with us here on r t our top story the billions spent on france's military authorities abroad have already accounted for the years defense budget with paris only increasing its foreign adventures the political price could be costly for the french president as artie's daniel bushell reports. heat or eat that's the choice faced by murder kids so instead of supporting the elderly frauds the government is accused of using that money for war. france says it doesn't have enough time and attention as must tighten their belts now spends over thirty billion euro a year under france france has more than twenty thousand soldiers currently on foreign soil in lebanon kosovo a new military base in the united arab emirates is fighting wars in libya ivory coast and afghanistan each french have
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a missile costs hundreds of thousands of euros so just five months into twenty eleven the forces of growth even with madame kitto his pension that's pretty much up the operational budget for the year military excess snaps from his reputation as a careful spender investors now plan to scrap the country's troy's aaa credit rating which lets it borrow one the cheap course if you have a country which is very rich. it can afford it but france has been named as possibly losing its aaa status sir so everyone you shoot is a closer to losing triple a steve's france should have stuck to the un peacekeeping remit in the oil three coast and libya express mia dominique de villepin in now pays the price of calling for regime change and for each. for integration
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it's important to follow strict principles the one of the international community the treatment of the united nations costs are reportedly hidden from the public this military advisors back from libya he says for months france has set soldiers on the ground there contrary to its claims we have gone tops and i think. we had. already called for two months to find the dog and so on but it was going to be very cheap so says she worked for a decent retirement no politician. if she wanted to get money spent on campaigns abroad cost of war pensioners forced to cover up because the concert for the heating. of the military campaign is worth it if the government called take care of people. then a bushel or two. for a president or before the anniversary of president sarkozy's election or when
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a friend says working back at his promises to break with the past to reshape the country for the better or to contributor caterina's it will be better if things the break appears to be from his own people what i've heard of the french plans to intervene in syria the first thought that came to my mind was one of the presidential elections in france actually it's in less than a year and how this president sarkozy is doing according to the recent poll also he's at the record low was two thirds of the french population unhappy with his policies and in france us involvement in afghanistan ivory coast and was not enough for the french soldiers to change their mind so because they came up with a new idea to intervene in syria what surprises me is that sarkozy wants your own brand but he forgets that's mitterrand the former french president will sound french troops to wander in mind to ninety four was accused of supporting the
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genocide of the sick such was the conclusion of a public inquiry conducted by the independent rwandan commission in two thousand sects later some declassified french documents confirm that as well of course violence in syria should be stopped but the intervention would only make matters worse. the international contact group has agreed to give rebel groups more money with a temporary find in place within weeks washington is trying to secure the release of more than thirty billion dollars of could offer these frozen assets headed over to the opposition but professor alan cooperman says it's unlikely to make this a turning point if there rebels were strong then a little bit of outside assistance to them might have been enough to topple the government but the rebels were extraordinarily weak in fact the war would have ended more than a month ago if not for intervention the rebels simply. killing were stopped. more people would be alive than are alive today so what the intervention really did is
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just level the playing field this is actually quite common and intervention that is intended to end the violence sometimes at school it's the violence and that's exactly what happened in libya and so cut off he is somebody secure and in tripoli his forces are loyal large parts of the country support him and so a little bit of intervention is not going to compel him to step down but there are tribal differences between the west of libya and the east of libya this is mainly a regional war between those regional tribes west and east and that would not change with the killing of one man the ultimate solution in libya is going to be a peace agreement and it's going to be a peace agreement between the west and the east power sharing and this part of the world the very familiar with those sorts of deals where tribes that are killing each other one day then share power the next day and so that's really where the effort internationally should be focused. stay with us here on r t still ahead the
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rocket that hasn't rocketed anywhere find out why russian spacecraft was put into place and the european launch pad but didn't actually blast off we'll bring you that story in a few minutes. to price of freedom from the most fascist regime in history. those who fought to win the stand. against the tide of history be reviewed. sixty six years of victory on our team. died. minimums looked forward to be held don't
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see. the pain and sufferings will never be forgotten. as well as the joy of militarization. here a spring of nineteen forty five on our team. was little progress on the european joint missile defense system at a meeting of the russian nato council and initially put forward by moscow has been met with little enthusiasm from nato or the u.s. so far russia's envoy to the alliance says it's the politicians are not the military who might be holding things back. we're under the impression that the military dialogue is running to hit over the political divide the american policy clearly refuses to consider russia's interests they're also refusing to provide us with a guarantee. yes but the proposed u.s. missile defense system is not targeted at russia the americans want to deploy
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interested are missiles capable of shooting down our nuclear weapons near our launch sites in ten years time they'll be able to shoot down a large part of our nuclear arsenal if it's launched one at the same time and they keep telling us that it's not aimed against russia they see we're partners we want them to give us written guarantees but most of the time the us diplomats and politicians simply smiled back at us it was us president barack obama has paid tribute to the victims of the nine eleven terror attacks four days after osama bin laden was killed by u.s. special forces mission was hailed as a success by washington but there is now widespread criticism over why the leader wasn't taken alive as our he's got a chip he has been finding out it's not the first time u.s. methods in the war on terror have come under scrutiny. putting a pretty face years of torture and if you supply us officials talk about the efficiency of enhanced interrogation techniques as they call them in locating bin
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ladin we obtain that information for waterboarding and so for those who say that waterboarding there's a word you say that it should be stopped and never use again we got vital information which directly was true but not are you denying that waterboarding was in part of the tactics used to extract the intelligence that led to the successful mission no i think some of the detainees clearly were you know they used these enhanced interrogation techniques against some of these detainees no tangible proof has been presented as to how torture helped of taint valuable intelligence on bin laden although a detainee named kelly cheik muhammad was reported to have provided information on a courier that led to bin laden's capture intelligence sources say he repeatedly misled interrogators about the couriers identity and stalled the quest for years he was water boarded one hundred eighty three times what we're saying is that waterboarding enhanced interrogation techniques just like professional
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interrogators have been saying for years always result and in either limited information false information or no information the laying of the groundwork if you will of these techniques basically i believe wholeheartedly slowed us down on the road towards some of bin laden and numerous other members of al qaeda not not just in loddon in i'm convinced we would have found them a lot earlier had we not resorted to torture and abuse attempts to justify torture seem outrageous to those who have been unjustly subjected to inhumane treatment if u.s. prisons overseas morata cornell's was captured in pakistan in two thousand and one he was working for an ngo that helped the youth there to quit drugs and adopt a healthier lifestyle he was. sent to guantanamo and torture it for five years it will. be their crime. to
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start it and. i go to court every time i refuse. to. post code very old. same crime. over and over it's right time. never charged with any crimes for us now back home in germany the vast majority of the hundreds of individuals who've been held at guantanamo since two thousand and two like moron are said to be of no intelligence value whatsoever some of them were children when they were captured by canadian citizen omar carter who was just fifteen when he was taken into u.s. custody he said because he was tortured he was ready to say anything that will ensure his ronit truth here to stop the pain the international community has widely condemned the unlawful practices at the u.s. prison amnesty international called the gulag affair with times matthew alexander
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has carried out more than three hundred interrogations in iraq and helped track down a number of terrorists he says torture it was used by the u.s. authorities single antonymous and other prisons overseas like the infamous abu ghraib in iraq contributed to more terror when i was in iraq i oversaw care geishas of foreign fighters and those foreign fighters the majority of them said time and time again the reason they come to iraq to fight was because of the torture and abuse of detainees and both are great and when tom obey and this is not my opinion the department offense track these statistics and they were briefed every interrogator right there that's a. torture abuse was okayed as number one recruiting tool and so this policy of torture and. did not make america safer what it did was it caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of american soldiers recently in the wake of all the cheering about bin ladin snap when asked about torture this cia director said. we would have
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gotten the same information through other approaches so i think there's always going to be an open question just a few years ago when barack obama was running for president on promises to crack down guantanamo and stop the war tour it was presented there's a done deal but now with bin laden's death it could seem the ends justify the means the means of which as many experts say not only have not made american safer but have motivated more terrorists i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . pakistan says it's going to investigate the failures and its mission to track down osama bin laden brought it also warned it may rethink its of its alliance with the u.s. if washington carries out any more secret operations on its soil such as the raid that saw bin laden killed lieutenant colonel anthony shaffer says the u.s. should stop funding our pakistani regime which can't be trusted but we knew this in zero three that the pakistanis were playing both sides of the fence so our own
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policy leaders have been naive or worse regarding the fact that they're not playing ball this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt you know they're incompetent or in a spat with that said one of the things we've recognized and we won't talk about is that the lot of the money we're giving them is going right back into their nuclear weapons program so the problem is any time we give them money we cannot use it for the purposes which we give it to him for and it's funny and these other programs of their own making and the problem is you cannot continue to fund. a regime which will not play well and frankly we're in danger in our own are our indian allies in the process of what we're doing. get updates around the clock on everything here we're covering out our t. dot com here's what's lined up for you right now on our web site. turning back some immigrants who go to the u.s. with big ideas of a better life now leave the country for other places as emerging economies start to prosper plus. a remarkable adventure of
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a russian explorer just back from a solo trip to the alaskan wilderness lodge his videos that are he dot com and remember the check out our you tube train. he's. the official. hong kong pulled touch from the. video. girls. and illnesses feed now in the palm of your.
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home. during out of some other stories making headlines across the globe protesters in syria are preparing for what they call a day of defiance against the regime this comes as tanks have been withdrawn from a clampdown on the city of daraa and deployed elsewhere the town is effectively been under siege for ten days with electricity and poultry this is and snipers shooting at people from the truck by a crane more than five hundred fifty five she's the owner i started several weeks ago. counting on their way after polls close in a series of national and local elections in the u.k. early results suggest the third largest party the liberal democrats set to lose control in several areas election also includes a referendum on the country's voting system which could see a switch from first past the post to what's known as the turn to vote results won't
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be made known until late friday. twenty people killed dozens injured after a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a police headquarters in central iraq last in the city of hillah shook south of baghdad took place during a shift change most of the victims were police officers no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack but official suspect that was of. extreme weather continues battering parts of the u.s. as communities were cover from the devastation that's left so far more than three hundred people dead people in a number of eastern states bracing themselves for record breaking floods latest reports out of texas and parts of the southwest warn of the threat of severe drought many people are preparing for the worst as forecasts offer a little hope of an early respite. a
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russian rocket has gone through a simulated wash at the european space port in french guiana the spacecraft was put into position on the launch pad without fuel just to make sure that everything's in order out of its actual blast off in august it's part of an ambitious joint project between russia and the european space agency iraq it will carry satellites for europe's own galileo navigation system into orbit so be the first time a russian craft in why it's so close to the equator location making it easier to reach space so as rockets usually take off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan carrying supplies and crewmembers up to any international space station or he has more on the legendary space ship. with more than one and a half thousand launches far more than any other the soyuz is the world's most successful rocket and now for the first time it will be fired off permanent russian space pulled over the last eight years the european space agency the e.s.a.
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and spend more than half a billion dollars on building a launch pad and adopting the soyuz for a surf american space center including. this was all done by engineers and designers we had to adapt to the climate here and to the different safety standards that we've proven ourselves with this due to the modifications and crews will chose a location the soyuz will be able to do a great alludes into space than ever before blew the prices than any competitor to see is make is in russia if it more than four decades after its launch the soyuz should really be showing its age but a true manes one of the world's most reliable rockets and in fact orders of them are a plant going up from year to year. twenty so use launchers will be produced here by the end of the year so will years ago the numbers were in single digits its chief engineer says the rocket remains popular not just because of its record. it
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might look similar to the earlier models but inside the cell use is being constantly upgraded as the reason we still use the basic model i believe it's the perfect market in its fundamental design we predict that they will be used for another forty years at least the constructors are saying that the transition from prestige driven space race of the cold war era to a new way of doing things is complete so this is a project that makes solid financial sense to us it isn't just a political gesture and we're hoping it's just a springboard. the first so use will be launched from kalu in the second half of the year and eventually just spaceport will handle for launch of annually the russian side hopes the success of this project will encourage other space agencies to adopt the so use platform either and party some are. about ten minutes and ask our gives you the heart of the russian capital first and user joins us with a business news stay with us.
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thanks matt hello and welcome to business here on our team first this hour north stream has finished playing the world's longest pipeline across the baltic has to start pumping gas from russia to germany in the order that the head of nord stream says the eleven billion dollar project will not be able to meet the overall european debt. studies from different institutions for example so showing. they go. and supply and consumption and you will be in the next two years ago and. could be. not so you can come up with fifty five. so this was a quarter of the gap this means. there has to be also supply which can cover their needs. and your. let's take a look at
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a snapshot of the markets performing the sour oil prices regaining some ground after seeing significant losses over night light sweet is currently trading just below the hundred dollars per barrel mark while brant is a bit below the one hundred twelve dollars per barrel mark. and in japanese stocks are trading sharply lower as the market returns from a long holiday exporters are among the main losers with panasonic down two point five percent our producers are also under pressure of a honda losing five percent hong kong sears are also lower as resource producers suffered further advances after commodity prices for a room. and here in russia the arts yes there's just so you know has fallen even further from yesterday's thursday's five month low energy and metals stocks are among them a loser is this hour my sex will open in just a few minutes because around point seven percent in the thread on thursday on the
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weaker mark says. now the current correction on the russian market has seen equities sell off a few percent since the beginning of april but it's under a cost of from fee to be capital explains it's been concentrated in a couple of sectors. in such a period of time when the market is correcting this is all the things they profit in the stocks that have been the most visible and yes sector and we see the suffering the most which is the exactly the trend of the last three days gazprom has been one of the biggest losers and to remind you it's still up almost twenty percent year to date so it's quite obvious there were investors a century no where the financial sector is actually it is correct him but financial stocks are a bit more resilient and we're not seen as much momentum in selling the consumer names because the heavy year to date and obviously still these are i think the downside is also a big cap because they had very bad year and actually there is a lot about selling those names on a one year once a year horizon so i think of the names probably we are not better to sell. china
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could outperform the u.s. as the world's leading a commie in less than a decade if it continues to grow at the current pace mark reinventing bretton woods committee explains the new world order. china is emerging as a main economic power or china is going to rely less on exported being three why more on the basic demand we're going to cost you more so we should have benefits for. forcing us for you for europe meaning to us we need to rely. more on exported proven motive. in china we need to rely on more domestic demand in the modell so you we need to reverse what we have today meaning chinese exporting to get growth in the u.s. is consuming to get growth there's a reverse in order to get a more balanced nobody's going to be. going up to date now from the business task i'll have more for you in less than an hour mass back next with have not stay with
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. a question. and inside the container you have. and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of them there's a huge market right now for battle area clearance because there are
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a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordnance. and so you've got these companies ten n.g.o.s that are basically shrunk that have an extra change to get rid of these weapons. what they do is a code of these play. they will hire local train the locals how to do the clearance let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes and they're putting themselves at risk every single day when they go out there to clear areas of. a. big. block. wealthy british style wholesome pass that on to.
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the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our t.v. . lives is just a parliament building in burma and. then. sixty five years ago. this was the final target the last major offensive from the army. his country became the symbol on the floor of the financial cinema. and the victory over nazi germany. the fall i'm in archie.
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they faced this is not a provocation but a warning that. the bait for which it shatters everybody is sure the supreme victory speeches they have no idea about the hardships the face. they wanted the says it all to listen for in the army the life of using.


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